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Fleet Management

Fleet Management is a service that has been around for many years and is used with contract hire - it is a facility that allows us to take control of your fleet with every new car that we supply.

Management and maintenance has always only been available for Companies with large fleets of vehicles however, with our services this is not the case, whether you run ‘1’ vehicle or ‘50’ … our service is designed to save your company valuable time and money.

How Does Fleet Management Work?

This facility is only available when we supply a vehicle on a 'Fully Maintained Contract Hire' agreement and will allow us to help take control in managing that vehicle. From point of delivery to final collection at the end of the contract we will be in a position to supply a ‘one stop’ facility for the driver of the vehicle, from arranging routine servicing to replacement tyres ... the driver of the vehicle will never have to involve anyone within the company, they organise everything they require themselves at no inconvenience to you.

At the point of delivery we will provide the ‘driver’ of the vehicle ONE telephone number. The driver will use this number to arrange everything they need, one phone call and they can have their vehicle collected, serviced and then returned. The driver makes all of the arrangements to suit their time, there being no need for them to trouble anyone within the company, thus saving time and money.

Vehicle Maintenance

All vehicles under a maintained contract will get all routine servicing, tyres, brakes, exhausts etc ... plus Recovery and Breakdown - in fact everything that is needed to keep the vehicle on the road.

All of these facilities are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - the driver simply makes one phone call for all of their vehicle maintenance needs.

Annual Mileage

We appreciate that it is never easy to calculate accurate annual mileages. You can either be in a position were the mileage is way over at the end of the contract and you pay a hefty excess mileage bill or alternatively, the vehicle does less miles per annum than originally intended and you are paying for something that you are not using.

In order to efficiently manage your mileage every year we will ask you to complete a mileage return form, upon receipt of this we will check against the annual mileage of the contract and then, if we feel it necessary, will contact you to discuss the annual mileage of the contract which can in turn be increased or decreased to suit.

Collection & Delivery

All vehicles supplied are delivered free of charge to any address in mainland UK. We are very happy to liaise directly with the driver, confirming delivery the day before and also checking with the driver on the day of delivery of safe and satisfactory receipt of the motor car. We will automatically contact you 3-4 months before the end of the contract to discuss end of contract options and we will also arrange collection of the old vehicle if you wish for the car or van to be returned.


We are unable to supply vans or other contract hire vehicles to businesses within the courier industry, either established or new start-up ...


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